Logs for the snaplogger 1.0.3 tests

Tests started on Mon Aug 19 01:55:33 PDT 2019 and finished on Mon Aug 19 01:57:11 PDT 2019

Start running the tests on Mon Aug 19 01:56:56 PDT 2019

snaplogger v1.0.3 [3120]:unittest: seed is 1566205016
SECTION: Create Appender
SECTION: Call send_message() with wrong ostream
SECTION: Print snaplogger::secure to wrong ostream
SECTION: Message Buffering
SECTION: Copy Message
SECTION: Appender vs Message severity
SECTION: Changing message severity (takes about 3.5min)
SECTION: Message is Recursive
SECTION: ${message} itself is not recursive
SECTION: ${pid} uses the get_environment() function
SECTION: Verify year
SECTION: Filter Message with Component
SECTION: Create Severity
SECTION: Print Severity
SECTION: Param Name is Mandatory
SECTION: get_type() to use padding as integer or string (hostname)
SECTION: default align value
SECTION: verify runtime vs compile time version numbers
All tests passed (92062 assertions in 11 test cases)

Finished running the tests on Mon Aug 19 01:56:58 PDT 2019