Logs for the murmur3 1.0.5 tests

Tests started on Sat Oct 29 17:18:28 PDT 2022 and finished on Sat Oct 29 17:18:43 PDT 2022

Start running murmur3 tests v1.0.5 on Sat Oct 29 17:18:37 PDT 2022

murmur3 v1.0.5 [56257]:unittest: seed is 1667089117
source directory: "/home/snapwebsites/snapcpp/contrib/murmur3"
temporary directory: "/home/snapwebsites/snapcpp/BUILD/Debug/contrib/murmur3/tmp"
Randomness seeded to: 1029294315
SECTION: Verify C version
SECTION: Verify small stream (Hello World!)
SECTION: X28 stream
SECTION: Empty file stream
SECTION: Stream files
SECTION: Stream with random seed
SECTION: Stream 4Kb exactly (special case)
SECTION: Stream 0Kb to 4Kb (many special cases)
SECTION: 1 to 15 bytes sent first
SECTION: Irregular number of incoming bytes
SECTION: Hash validation
SECTION: Hash starts with zeroes
SECTION: Invalid Hash (odd size)
SECTION: Invalid Hash (not hex. characters)
SECTION: Invalid Hash (too long)
SECTION: Verify the library version
All tests passed (33219 assertions in 6 test cases)

Finished running murmur3 tests v1.0.5 on Sat Oct 29 17:18:39 PDT 2022